Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have you missed UY?

So we had a lot of fun with this blog last year. It helped us keep in touch with you while we were in the process of writing and putting out a new record. You got to see a few things and hear a few things and it felt like we really connected. Since then a lot of things have changed. There's a new sheriff in town, Obama. The economy has gone to crap and we really felt it when we went to Maui in November to promote the record. We had amazing support from radio stations there as well as the local newspaper, but the gigs were heinous. We've never had such a bad experience as we did there and a large portion of it can be attributed to the economy, as well as other business practices.
We got back from Maui and took a few months off - in order to take a breath after hustling our new record out the door and so people could finish school. It's been a sweet little break and we're now back together trying new ways to spread our music to the world while balancing our familial and financial responsibilities. We also sent our trumpet/vox member off to the mainland, Aaron Eskaran. It'll be really hard to have to same vibe on stage without him, but we wish him the best in his new place on the mainland.
As for what we're doing now, UY is trying to focus our efforts outside of Hawaii as much as possible. We feel like the economy has really tapped the music scene in Hawaii and we've decided to play at fewer bars, spend more time promoting ourselves outside of Hawaii, and take care of our music from a business perspective. There's a lot of the business side of our music that we have greatly neglected. We have decided to tackle all the hurdles necessary in order to get our publishing/licensing taken care of. Think you know someone who would like to help us take care of that? Let us know. Also, once that is taken care of we can finally answer all the people who have approached us to get our music into tv/film/radio/commercials. Once this fundamental part of UY is finally taken care of we feel like we can really start making music take us to where we want to go. It's been a huge stumbling block to us up till now.
On a side note, our CD release shows were EPIC!! We had an amazing show at the LOFT in China Town, Honolulu 18 Oct 2008. The place was packed and we had a great time with great friends. For those of you who missed it, here is Warning Call from the night. Enjoy!