Thursday, September 4, 2008

CD Release Show Set List

Tonight the rhythm section got together to run though all the new songs and decide on what we're going to play for our release shows. Here's what we're going to this order.

warning call (ken)
headlights (extra drum)
tell me will we (ken, extra drum)
desperation w/ original intro
flying v
electric fence
sing to me
judgement (ken)
empty pockets
wailing and gnashing (ken, kui)
bigger than you or me
451 (mr. goshi, kui, uncle Kona Ahlo)

You'll also notice we've noted special things for each song like additional musicians to play for that song or extra percussion to be used. We're really getting stoked for how things are turning out and couldn't be more excited. You better be at one of the shows...or I hope Gargamel eats you.


echo said...

i have been advertising like crazy for you guys. you are going to have a little section of fans that consists of moms and babies.
maybe i should know this, but i don't. who is gargamel?

timgoshi said...

Very nice!

aaron eskaran said...

He's from the Smurfs Echo :-) And Thanks... can never have too many Mom's with babies