Thursday, October 9, 2008

They're here...

Well folks, we have come to the end of the music production phase of this record. Now on to the promotion!


For the last week we have premeired these songs on our myspace page:
Bigger Than You or Me
Sing To Me
Flying V
Empty Pockets
Warning Call
Wailing and Gnashing

I just uploaded Detonate, Tell Me Will We, and (drum roll please...) Wailing and Gnashing the REMIX! Tim's brother Kui is an amazing artist and he took the Protools tracks and came up with something you won't want to miss. Go check it out now.

One more time, I'd like to say thanks to those that pre-ordered a copy of A Sense of Urgency, we will be sending them in the mail tomorrow morning.

Okay well I better go, The Office starts in 3 minutes :)

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