Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pipeline Show Pics and Memories

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We recently helped the 86 List celebrate their 10 year anniversary at Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu. It was great to get together with some bands that we have been friends with for a long time. I had a flood of memories and I thought I'd share some of them here.

When UY first started playing in 2001 we regularly played with The 86 List and Buckshot Shorty at a place on King St called Coffee Factory. The underground scene was pretty active there and I clearly remember people swinging from the ceiling, while people passing by would stare in the window.

How 'bout the Halloween show at Pink Cadillac where Steve from Buckshot was dressed as Space Ghost and had to rip off his costume due to overheating. Or the Day Killers killing it on stage. And being a little weary of the Extra Stout fans, but appreciating their Adidas. How about the Sticklers final show there at Pink Caddy as well... watch out for the boogie man...

Of course there were some great shows at Club Pauahi, with the central air dripping on everyone, and the transvestites playing pool, and Vax screaming on stage. Hell Caminos teaching everyone about Rock'n'Roll. Black Square showing the kids that Reggae can be hardcore. Our bass player at the time fell off the stage, but didn't miss a beat and our sax player had to leave in the middle of a song once.

Buckshot came out to play a show with us at the Kahuku Sugar Mill and it got shut down before the end of their set because people at the hospital were complaining of the noise.

How about the time we played a show right after Demitri got his tonsils out. Or when I had strep throat.

How about all the times we've hit our heads on that low cement pillar at Anna Banana's.

And our CD release show for A Sense of Urgency at the Loft where we felt like rock stars.

We've played bars, bowling allies, churches, schools, parks, clubs, streets, coffee shops, and we aren't going to stop.


Joe H said...

Wow, pretty awesome. People swinging from the ceiling? Ha!I problably wouldn't have a problem hitting my head at Ana's. The audacity of those sick people in the hospital ;-).

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

I loved reading through these memories even though I was only there for like one of them, but you guys really do have a great history. Can't wait to see what you'll do next!