Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meeting and Cover Art

So as a whole band we finally got together last night. It's been a really long time since we've been together and done anything as a whole band. It's been a lot of individual time in the studio with Demitri lately. Poor D has been putting in so much time on this record. He should be paid a million dollars or at least a million hugs.

Last night we talked about a lot of things to do with the record. First we listened to everything we've got done so far and it's pretty friggen amazing to see the progress we've made in the studio. Not just that, it's awesome to see the kind of progress we've made as a band since we wrote STILL back in 2006. Writing and recording original tunes like this is so satisfying. I know other musicians who make their living playing other peoples music and they would do anything to have the chance to write and record their own music with their own band. UY is a really lucky group to be able to keep it together this long and continue to improve as a band. I can't wait for people to get this cd, put it in their ipods/cars, learn all the words, and sing along with us at a show. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing people singing along. Looking forward to that.

So, one big change is that our trumpet player Aaron will be leaving on August 16th to go back to the mainland for multiple reasons. That changes our cd release date. We're giving ourselves one more week to put final touches on it and make it as close to perfect as possible. That also means that all cd release shows that we do once the record drops will not include Aaron. That's a huge bummer. We noticed a huge difference in band chemistry once Aaron got back into the group this summer and contributed to the vibe of not only the horn section, but the band as a whole. UY is an awesome mixture of 6 unique individuals. Without any one of us it just isn't the same vibe, sound, or band.

Another really cool thing we talked about was the cover art. We've struggled to get the themes going for this. The main idea that we have is obviously a sense of urgency. But how do we convey that through an image? Well, we talked about what we feel we have a sense of urgency for. The main focus of the band right now is somewhat similar to that used by considerably nefarious organizations. We want to target the largest amount of people possible in any situation, globally, by country, by venue, or simply individual people. We want to coerce people into action,but do it through music and not violence. We want you to dance, sing, think, buy our merch and music. We don't want you to be apathetic or stationary - we want you to take action because of our music. From this idea the cover art hopefully takes a huge leap into its genesis. Can't wait to see Aaron's art skills grab this by the juevos and make it a reality.

Other than that we talked about boring stuff like cd release shows, promotion ideas, and all that stuff. We're really looking to find a publicist type person help us get the word out into as many newspapers and mediums as possible, but don't have any real leads. Could/would you help UY promote the new album? Could you get a write up in your school/local paper? Could you place our ad on your myspace or blog? There's tons of stuff that could help out. What would you like to do to help? What ideas can you think of? We'd be stoked to have your help.


echoallred said...

i will help! although i don't know anyone, but my family will help too i am sure.
i really am so excited for this new record. it is going to be great!!

Corey said...

Aaron's ability to fill out UY's sound really struck me after he came back from his mainland retreat and played the show at Kemoo pub in Wahiawa back in late May. It sucks that he's not going to be here for the final pressing of the CD and the associated release festivities, but there will be many pictures taken in an earnest effort to document everything.
As one of the privileged outsiders who has been able to hear the progression of the album from almost the beginning, I would be willing to lay down my laptop and say this album will NOT disappoint. This is coming from two fronts, which when put together will culminate in a perfect storm of musical bliss that rouse your soul with spasms of joy.
First, on a technical level, Demitri's digital sauce will leave you begging for more. It's not even mixed yet and everything sounds like it is where it's meant to be. The tonal inflection felt in every breath through brass and reed, the relentless drive permeating from every cymbal and snare hit, and unflinching emotion rising from Marc's gut into microphone would be nothing but smashing silence without Demitri's fingers in a dance of surgical precision guiding each compressor, fader, and plug-in towards his never ending reach to engineering perfection. I'm ready to be amazed.
The writing, musical arrangement, and overall direction of the album will no doubt ignite that sense of urgency that all of us need from time to time in order to break away from a sedentary rut of monotony. This CD will make you want to grab a bear by his balls or at least motivate you to clean your room ;-) . It would be pointless to try and top that last sentence. Peace.

timgoshi said...

Corey. Wow. I love you.

aaron eskaran said...

for real Corey...
I love you too... That was awesome

Corey said...

Thanks guys. I want to see another show played before Aaron has to go back. More pictures, more video, more stoked! Peace.