Friday, July 18, 2008


A few months ago UY was asked to be the backup band for CUBWORLD at a show in Laie. Here's a link to some footage on youtube. It was a blast being able to learn someone else's music and not have to worry about being the singer and trying to entertain, but still be a part of the music. You can't see it from the footage but the crowd was great and the sound was awesome as well even though the recording doesn't do it justice. Check it out.

Oh...and by the way. We're hoping to have all the recording and mixing done in about three weeks! We'll be sending it off to be mastered and pressed here soon! Keep posted!

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Jake said...

DUDE! That is so awesome that things are coming along guys. Thanks for the link to my video and again, everyone i talk to i tell them how AWESOME you guys did!

Oh and by the way, i randomly break into song singing "SING TO ME, SING TO ME DARLYN!!" all the time! Cant wait for the album. Rumor has it Aaron will be drawing on this album cover! I'd buy it just for that fact alone hahaha. Way to take it up another notch boys. Cant wait. Alohaz