Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Heavy Hitting Weekend and Summer

This weekend is going to be pretty amazing. We haven't been this busy in a long time and I'm really looking forward to playing a bunch of shows. We had a long meeting last night plotting out the rest of the recording for the record and how we're going to try and get things done. Before I get to those details I just wanna make sure you noticed the shows this weekend. We're playing two shows on Friday night and another on Saturday. The Friday night gig with Cubworld should be awesome with a great venue and tons of great musicians. Upstanding Youth will also be the backing band for Cubworld that night - so we're really putting some miles down that night. Check out a show this weekend cause it'll be hotness.
Some important dates we can start sharing. We've put down two very important goals for the new record. We want to have the physical cd in our hands by the week of August 25th. We hope to have all the mixing and mastering done no latter than August 11th. So hopefully people will be able to purchase our album starting around August 11th from our snocap stores then itunes and then the physical cd will be available once we get it back from being pressed.
To be honest it's a huge project at this point. We've plotted out when everything needs to be written, when each instrument needs to record - each part has been plotted out in order to streamline this and keep everyone up to date on what needs to be done and it's a TON of work.
We're going to try a few new things when it comes to recording this record also. A few new tricks that Demitri has learned as well as simple techniques to improve the overall quality of the record.
One of the big things that I'm really pushing is to have all three horns record simultaneously. We've never done that in the past, but the quality of performance they get when they play together is leaps and bounds better than when they track it individually. Obviously there'll be overdubbing here and there, but I'm really excited to see how the horns go down. There will be a bunch of other little things here and there that we're trying to do, but those are secret and you'll have to just go on not knowing and we'll smile because we'll think we've accomplished something awesome when in reality most people won't even notice. If they don't, that'll be a huge success. Much love.


Svenska & Sheaux said...

seeing all these show times gives me roadie-withdrawal!

aaron eskaran said...

well there is only one way to cure that Spence...

get over here!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

thanks for all the fun tonight boys- me and the amby had a fabulous time! you guys sound better than ever.