Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This past weekend was pretty eventful. So much so that Tim got an insane case of strep throat and had to go to Queens hospital to get things sorted out. I tried talking to the guy over the phone while he was in the waiting room and you couldn't understand him the poor guy was so messed up. Luckily he got taken care of and he's doing better. That's what happens I guess when you play 5 shows in three days. U.Y. only played three, but Tim also plays in another indie rock band called Linus and they had a few shows too.

To get into the details of this weekend I wanna start with a story about the Cubworld show at BYUH this past friday night. The show went down better than we could have expected. By the first song we had people up front dancing their shoes off and people were really enjoying themselves. I was kind of nervous about the crowd because a large portion of it was older faculty aged professors and community folks. I asked Jake/Cubworld if we should shorten our set because I didn't want to destroy the old folks, but he wanted our full set so we agreed.

Come to find out, a certain student activities coordinator/director from BYUH seems to have an issue with the Youth of Upstanding-ness. It seems that in his opinion U.Y. is too loud and not a type of music that he likes. So he cornered the M.C. for the night and asked her to announce to the audience that they should feel free to use the bathroom during out 5 song set! I couldn't believe that someone would actually try to do something like that. I've had similar situations with this same director in the past and I know he doesn't like our music because he's told me so to my face, but to ask the audience to go to the pisser during our set?! I was just blown away by the lack of respect, social tact, or general manners that this situation seemed to expose. Luckily, Cubworld got to the M.C. before she made her announcements and made sure she didn't make the directors rude suggestions.

Other than that the night went off amazingly. U.Y. backed Cubworld for 4 songs and they all went down awesome and the audience seemed to love it. As soon as the show was over we packed up super quick and flew down to Haleiwa to play at Kainoas. It was a big shift in energy since we had this huge crowd that was really into our music and then we play to an almost empty bar for 3 hours. Although there was a midget getting down with an older Filipino woman during a few of our songs. They were cutting a rug like no other for a few songs and that actually made the night worth it to see this really short dude getting all freaky with this older Filipino woman. Most people in the bar were cracking up.

The next day we had to play 4 hours at Kemoo Pub in Wahiawa across from Schofield barracks. To take up time I played a solo set and our ever faithful friend Cory got some footage of that night. We should be getting a well recorded dvd of the Cubworld show since they had cameras all over that stage. Once we get that footage we'll post a bunch of it. For now here are some clips from the Kemoo pub show. The first one is of two new songs "Wailing and Gnashing" and "Warning Call" which'll be on our upcomming record. The second one is of "Sing To Me" which is gathering a lot of popularity since we've been playing it for awhile. It'll also be on the upcomming record slated for August 25th. Much love.


Mr. Director said...

I was about to watch the videos, but decided to get up and use the bathroom instead.

Sounds like you boys are making li' dat with the tunes. Can't wait to hear more new stuff. It makes sitting here in the library more bearable. Where can I go to hear some of Tim's alter-ego jams? Shoots.

Clayton said...

Next time I come to Hawaii I am bringing my tar AND my feathers for Brother Hitler the Director Nazi.
PS... Love the videos. I watched them in the bathroom. It felt right.

Kevin Rothlisberger said...

wow...that sucks about the director not liking you're guys's music. I am completely stoaked that you guys are getting another cd together. And you're fans in New Mexico can't wait for you guys to make it back!

Kevin Rothlisberger
U.Y. Fan Club Member