Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shananigins and Preperation

So in preperation for the new album we had a photo shoot of the band. We called up our good friend Marina Miller who most of the band went to high school with at Kahuku High. She's really gotten good over the last few years and we love working with her. She's done a lot of our photo shoots in the past and she knows what we're all about. This shoot went pretty well. Here's a sample of the shananigins we got into.

We found a couch on the side of the road and then turned a front yard into a front room. Demitri some how was able to jump stright up and get some serious air! Hopefully we can use these photos to overhaul all our myspace, blog, website, etc in preperation for the new record. We had another meeting last night to discuss timeframes and when and how we plan on finishing the record and we're shooting to have all the songs recorded by mid-late July. We have so much to do in order to get things done!
A big part of our time, at least for the rhythm section, is now being focused on helping our friend Jake Kongaika aka Cubworld. He's coming to town to do a show and asked us to fill in as his back up band and also to have UY open the show. We're stoked to help out and be a part of his show. Jake has had some real success as being one of the first people to make it on the famous website where he got people to invest $50,000 in him in order for him to do a record. Since then he's been traveling a bit to do shows in Europe in support of his record. It's amazing the new opportunities that the internet has provided for music.
Aside from all the preperations for the record I'm just super stoked to have UY in "go" mode. We've lined up a ton of shows already for this summer and are working on a few trips to Maui. Hopefully our Maui trip satisfies this blogs major fan from Makawao! Much love to the Makawao support that we've noticed on our daily blog map. We've been stagnant for a few months now and to finally feel some serious fuel being set to the fire of UY makes me stoked to get working on things. Many things are falling into place to make this happen. Aaron is back from the mainland, most of us are done with school for the summer, no one is going to the mainland for the summer, my wife is going to visit her family for three weeks for her brothers graduation so I'll have tons of time to work in the studio...somehow the planets are aligning for UY so we can put this record together right. Instead of slapping it all together really quick we'll be able to put some serious time into making a great piece of art instead of just a product. Can't wait to show it to you.

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