Friday, May 9, 2008

An outhouse built for two.

Comfort Zone
Marc has been putting some serious peer pressure on members of this band to add to the UY blog so I thought I'd try my hand at it. First off, if you are reading this I would like to congratulate you for finding your way here (not to mention staying long enough to read these ramblings).

I am looking forward to seeing this album come together. We have been having fun writing new music and demoing out the songs. This time around the process seems to be really collaborative. You should expect something different, but not so different you won't recognize it as being UY. Aaron said he already has some design ideas for the cover art. I'm stoked to see what he comes up with.

Speaking of music... I recently watched a documentary on the Flaming Lips called "Fearless Freaks" which really inspired me. I hope to live my life with at least half the passion of Wayne Coyne. He may be eccentric and sometimes silly, but I don't think you can doubt his genius. Another amazing film is "I am Trying to Break Your Heart" which is a documentary about the making of Wilco's epic record Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I would highly recommend this film as well as the album. After seeing the movie I purchased the album which was on constant rotation in my car and at home for about a month. I'm still not sick of it, and the reason is that 1) the songs are good to begin with and 2) the production is layered in such a way as to be rewarding each time you listen to it. After digesting YHF we have been listening to A Ghost is Born which is sort of the "follow up" record to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Both albums are amazing.

Lastly, the picture at the top of the post makes me laugh. You know the person who designed the outhouse was thinking something along the lines of "I know, we'll save time by having people use the bathroom in twos!" Sometimes the best result doesn't come from streamlining the process, but don't take my word for it (insert Reading Rainbow sound here).


Marc said...

We should have a practice where we just sit and watch those movies you mentioned to get the juices flowing. Do you still have them handy? I'd like to watch em since they sound pretty insightful.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hey upstanding youth, welcome to blogger. i am a big fan of you guys!

you guys should hear your new stuff- killer! :)