Friday, June 6, 2008


We've added some details on the right hand column of the blog that need to be pointed out. We've really tried to make our music ubiquitous (that means found everywhere!) especially on the internet. Here is a quick list of the most common places that you can purchase our music. Take a special note of our SNOCAP store because when the new record is finally done it will be available first from our SNOCAP store before it's in a hardcopy form. You can also support UY by copying the SNOCAP store and pasting it to your myspace page or blog so that it becomes even more ubiquitous and UY begins to overtake the internet and our music takes over the world. That's our ultimate goal at least for this week. We're fickle like that. If you post our SNOCAP store on your page let us know so we can take a look at it. You might win a treat.

1. At the bottom of this page!
2. On our website
3. On our Myspace page
4. On iTunes
5. On CdBaby


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i sold a cd today. bounce.

Corey said...

My one beef with most online music stores (including iTunes) is the quality of the download. I've only bought 2 full albums and a handful of other songs (UY and Busekrus) from the iTunes store, but the splashy over-compressed cymbals and hi-hats always bother me and that's why I stay away from buying music online. If at all possible please look into either selling your tracks as iTunes Plus audio files (DRM free, 256 kbps AAC) or if you have the option with the new SNOCAP store selling the uncompressed WAV or perhaps a lossless audio file (FLAC or Apple Lossless). I'd hate to see everyone's time, talents and efforts basically spit on with a crappy 128 kbps MP3 or AAC murdering Demitri's final mix. The music itself is the most important ingredient, but having the right utensils in the form of sweet, untainted audio files would certainly go a long way in allowing the masses to enjoy the delicious musical cake that is Upstanding Youth. /end rant -- Peace.

Thomas said...

Good point. I don't think there is a perfect solution right now besides having those who care more about sound quality buy the actual CD.

Corey said...

There maybe a partial solution of getting high quality lossless audio to fans abroad (such as those you met on tour). I was thinking the band could setup a PayPal donate button either here on the blog or on some of the other UY websites so fans would have the chance to support your cause. Then you could decide on a minimum donation ($10 perhaps) that would give donors the chance to download the uncompressed files from a server of your choice.
Anyone of us with a account automatically has access to 800 MB of upload space (perfect size for a CD) and it's fast and free. Another thing also is that the filedrop has a 5 day expiration so if you were worried about piracy (something I doubt you'll stress over b/c lets face it who hasn't gotten some music for free), you can feel confident in knowing that the link will expire and after 5 days the link is no good. The only problem in getting uncompressed audio up to the file server is the amount of time it would take to send 800 MB of data up to UH, but even then it isn't that bad. 800 MB will take 2hr 50min at 80 KB/s so if you have people donating and requesting access to the album, someone could just leave a machine on overnight and it would be on the server. You could even upload the files from work if anyone's work place has a fast connection to the internet and if your IT guys don't mind.
The tools are free and available and it'll go a great way in helping to make the music 'ubiquitous' with little cost and great quality. Just a thought. Peace.