Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drum Tracking Updated

We are done tracking the drums on 8 of the 11 songs for the record. So far the process has been pretty smooth. On Friday we did four songs and then we did four more on Saturday. Tomorrow we'll do the last three, and work on tracking some other percussion stuff.

Anyway, here are some notable moments and random facts:
*Nailing the full band section of "Tell Me Will We" with no metronome
*Completing "Headlights" in 40 minutes
*Getting totally fried on "Flying V" two days in a row
*Using the new drum tuning system Demitri got in LA- it saved us a ton of set up time and the drums sound amazing
*I bought a used ping ride and then thought it wouldn't end up being useful but it actually sounds good!


So here is the track listing for the record, in no particular order:

Sing to Me
Wailing and Gnashing
Tell Me Will We
Flying V
Bigger Than You or Me
Electric Fence
Empty Pockets
Warning Call

Most of these songs have never been heard outside of the studio so we are excited for people to hear the finished product.


before the show
UY hanging out before the NP show @ Pipeline Cafe

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Corey said...

Great update on the recording process Thomas. I think visitors of the blog will appreciate these little tid bits and insight into what's going on with the recording process. I love the color treatment you did to the pictures I took at the show. Artistic and tasteful enhancements that makes the originals in my iPhoto library look so blah. Good luck on tracking the final 3 songs tomorrow. Peace.