Monday, June 2, 2008

It's On - Warning Call

So as a band we've decided we'll let those of you who are paying attention preview a song off our upcoming album. The song is called "Warning Call." The lyrics touch on a bunch of different ideas ranging from unity amongst musicians, music listeners, and how music is a means of uniting people in ways that culture, language, violence, and religion can't. Music has an amazing way of bridging political/cultural divides. That's the glory of a musical revolution since it can unite people where other methods have failed. That's hopefully one of the results of our music - people of different or even conflicting backgrounds can appreciate the same music and realize that there are things that we all have in common. Far too often our differences are highlighted in order to define ourselves when what we really need to do is point out our similarities in order to diffuse conflict. I'm on a political ramble and this wasn't my intention - but there you go.

We're tossing around some video sample ideas to put the music to. So far we've gathered footage from our Summer 2007 tour and started piecing some of that together. So the idea is to present footage from that tour set to the song "Warning Call" so everyone can get a sample of what our new record is starting to sound like.

Be advised, this is just a demo version of "Warning Call." With that in mind, here are the details. The video will be presented WEDNESDAY JUNE 4TH FOR ONE DAY ONLY. It will be available on youtube, our blog, and our myspace. After that we're going to remove the video and music. So if you want to get a peek at the new song and the video we're working on you better mark your calendar. Much love and hope those who are reading this enjoy what we're working on. It's your job to spread the word now.

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Paul B said...

This is a cool website. Kristi is going to add it to our blog site.

So, I have been listening to you music lately and some of my friends over here really like it.