Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Writing Done

Just wanted to let those who are following the process know that today we've actually finished writing every part of the record. We've never done this much preproduction for a record before. Demitri said we now have the "treasure map" that'll lead us to a gold record since we've laid everything out with such detail. It's a trip to see how each time we go through the recording process, this is UY's 4th project, we improve drastically from what we did last time. The actual recording process should run much smoother this time since we put a huge effort into demo-ing out each song in detail before we actually begin recording. So, break out the festive beverages and make a toast to us - we did! Things should be on track for the August 25th release of "A Sense of Urgency."

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dixie said...

give an explano on the title of the new awesome, better than cool album!