Sunday, June 22, 2008

Upstanding Youth at Pipeline

This past Thursday we opened for our good friends National Product at Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu. It was a great show and awesome times. We actually started playing as a band around the same time as National Product back around 1998 or so. Our very first real "gig" was with National Product at a venue that no longer exists at Puck's Alley near the University of Hawaii. A lot has changed since then, but we've kept in touch with the guys from NP and especially with the front man Danny Casler. Demitri is especially tight with NP since he grew up and worked with NP long before we knew Demitri. It was great to be able to see NP as they've developed and really taken control of their musical future.

As a little treat here is a clip from the show. It's a clip of Desperation and also an introduction of our new UY hand signal. See if you catch the symbolism of the signal. The metal sign with shaka - groove with a crunch - however you look at it it symbolizes our mixture of sounds nicely as well as the letter U and Y. Hope you love it.


Corey said...

Great fun in the crowd from where I was shooting the video. Everyone around me was pretty stoked and I hope you were able to pick up on everyone's enthusiasm from on-stage as well (I even saw some of those young Asian girls singing along -- great way to hook them and reel 'em in). Rad show! Peace.

Demitri said...

corey and the young asians...look but no touch. haha
That was a great show!!!

Jason said...

hi studs.

Johanna said...

yeah, desperation has got to be one of my favorite songs by you guys. i had fun at the show too. :)